As understood from an initiatic point of view

November 8th 2011
So many men and women in the world call themselves artists! And they actually do compose, write, paint, sing, play, dance, and so on. But they themselves, deep down, what are they? From the perspective of Initiatic Science, a true artist is someone who desires to be a channel for beauty and harmony and to reflect them. This is why they use their own flesh as matter to be sculpted, as canvas to be painted. And their chisels or paintbrushes are their thoughts and feelings. Beauty is a living reality, whose springs remain hidden in the depths of our being, and when it bursts forth it impregnates our whole body – our skin, our expression, our smile and even our voice. But only luminous thoughts and selfless feelings of love can give you this beauty. And then, wherever you go, you leave in your path the fragrance of the flowers that are blossoming and the fruits that are ripening in the garden of your soul.