Shut out hurtful words, to

Or to transform them

July 17th 2019
When people are criticized or insulted they might exclaim, 'I couldn't believe my ears! It made me sick.' There are words that can indeed be perceived as real poisons, but why let them enter you? No words must make you lose your peace and light. You may say it is impossible not to be disturbed or hurt by certain negative remarks. When someone speaks to you, obviously you hear them; but inwardly you could very easily shut their words out. You don't have to take poisons in. So take care to prevent them from entering you; and if you were not able to, immediately try to neutralize them to make them easy to absorb. Take the example of a tree. What does it do when you put manure around its base? It carries out all the necessary secret transformations it knows, and in exchange for the disgusting and foul-smelling matter it receives, it produces beautiful, fragrant and delicious fruit.