Holy places

Discover the ones within us

July 21st 2019
In Egypt, India, Thrace, Greece, Palestine, and so on, many places considered holy in the world have lost the spiritual power and the influence they had in the past. Over centuries, such places that had been marked with the imprint of exceptional beings have since been profaned by the presence of many people with impure thoughts and feelings and lacking in light. Whatever the holy nature of a place and the imprints inscribed everywhere on the walls and objects by beings of great spiritual elevation, everything is lost if such a place is exposed to the comings and goings of people without the appropriate attitude and who don't know how to maintain its holy nature: the heavenly beings that were living there have left. You can of course visit 'holy places', but do so with the awareness that above all, they must lead you to finding the one true holy place, the one within you, in your soul. Once you have found it, wherever you go, you will commune with all the great spirits that have incarnated on earth and you will be nourished by their wisdom and love.