Day and night

Consciousness and subconsciousness

July 23rd 2019
Nature has a life with different manifestations that follow on from one another and bring changes. And there is above all the alternation of day and night. The sun governs the day and the moon the night, they are of equal importance and are also present in human beings. During the day, we are awake and active; at night, we sleep and rest, but this does not mean there is no activity. While we sleep at night, much organising and cleansing takes place in our body, and thanks to this cleansing, we wake up full of energy. The work done during the night while we sleep is very important. Since it takes place in our subconsciousness, most humans know nothing of the processes taking place within them. But they can seek to become aware of them, and in the morning when they wake up, how grateful they will be to find they are on their feet once again, in good health, fully aware and alert.