Taste for life

Can only be found in the soul and spirit

July 24th 2019
A young boy who is very content with his family, friends and studies, might nevertheless get bored. But one day, he meets a girl who he falls in love with. And so everything changes: the world appears magnificent to him, alive with colour and music. In reality, nothing has changed; he has made an inner discovery: that of love which makes everything beautiful. Even if it rains, to him the sun is shining. But if this girl were to disappoint or betray him, his life would become dull and pointless again. You may say you already know that. Well yes, but what have you learnt from this? For there is something to learn: this teaches you that, to find a taste for life, you must seek an element capable of transforming everything in you, one that no outside event can make you lose. You will not find this element in the love of a man or a woman, for that love is always uncertain. You must seek it very high up in the regions of the soul and the spirit.