Service of the lord

Requires long preparation

July 26th 2019
Wanting to be in the service of the Lord is not enough to be capable of serving him. We must prepare ourselves, learn and practise. Just look at what happens in everyday life: would the first person who came along make a good employee, a good secretary or a good minister, simply because they sincerely wanted to be one? No, they must study first and acquire certain abilities and qualities. All the more so, then, when it comes to serving the Lord. What will someone do if they have not prepared themselves? They will make many mistakes. They will think they serve the Lord, when in reality, they are still serving their prejudices, biases and illusions. Several times a day, turn to the heavenly beings and tell them you wish to serve them, ask them to inspire you and show you how to act. In this way, you will become a good servant of God and partake in the work of your Master.