Spirit, soul and body

Their correspondences in our physical body

July 27th 2019
To fully understand ​​the different manifestations of life, we must study them in the three planes – the physical, psychic and spiritual planes – that correspond to the division of body, soul and spirit. This division into three also applies to our physical body: our head symbolizes our spirit; our rib cage, our soul; and our stomach and belly, our body. Our soul therefore corresponds to our rib cage, and our arms are included in this part too. The spirit enlightens, brings order and organizes, and it guides our soul which, through our arms and hands, works on matter. It is generally thought that the soul manifests through our eyes and the look in our eyes. This is true in the sense that our soul is revealed or expressed in our eyes, and that's what makes people say that eyes are the mirror of the soul. But for it to act, our soul needs our hands. If our hands possess magical powers, it is because they are the instrument of our soul.