Desert, the

A place favourable for working with thought

July 28th 2019
A desert may at first appear to be empty and without life, and therefore seem to be of no interest or even sometimes dangerous, and people may think they must cross it in a hurry. However, deserts, like mountain summits, are in reality places that are far away from the noise, agitation and disorderliness of human beings, and they are alive and inhabited. Spirits of nature, and also certain very advanced beings that have now left the earth, go there to find a place of refuge where they are undisturbed in their work, and their presence can be felt there. In the silence of these vast stretches of land between earth and heaven, the soul feels it can return to the original Source where it can drink and eat. Much work is required to detach oneself and to forego distractions and easy pleasures before being able to find spiritual nourishment in the desert. Only saints and initiates are capable of doing so, and in this silence which is alive and vibrates, their thought frees itself to undertake a true work of creation.