Mistakes, our

Always make the effort to get up again

July 29th 2019
Whatever mistakes you make, nothing can prevent you from returning to the path of salvation if you really want to. And tell yourselves that heaven can have even greater trust in people who have understood the error of their ways and repented than in people who have never lost their way. Why? Because those who have never been lost are unaware of the precautions they must take: they are inexperienced and they don't see clearly, they can go anywhere blindly and one day, they will falter. But heaven will accept in its service those who have erred, suffered, learnt the lesson and are able to find the right path again, saying, 'At last, here is someone who can be relied on!' Whatever your falls, it is always possible to get up again. But these words of encouragement must not be a pretext to let yourselves go and think you have plenty of time to get back on the right path. No, for heaven does not appreciate careless people. You have all committed enough errors in the past. Instead, think about how you might benefit from the good conditions you are given by the light of a spiritual teaching.