Astral fire and spiritual fire

August 2nd 2019
People are rarely aware that fire puts them in touch with and activates primordial powers. Nor do they understand what fire represents on the psychic plane. We can say that on the psychic plane there are two sorts of fire: the astral fire of lower desires, which consumes beings, forcing them to endure great suffering, and the fire of spiritual aspirations, which allows all that is pure and noble in them to shine. How many know the astral fire of lusts and sensual passions, which plunge them into a living hell! With what pleasure this fire leaps upon them and devours them, as they have everything it needs to feed on, and soon all that is left is ashes and smoke. Spiritual fire, on the other hand, seeks out those who walk the path of disinterested love, self-denial and sacrifice. This fire has the property of never destroying anything of the same nature as itself. When it enters someone, it burns only those few impurities that remain in them. The pure matter of their being is not consumed and itself becomes light, because it has the same vibration as divine fire.