Ajna chakra, the

Our inner eye

August 3rd 2019
The symbol of a triangle with a central eye is very widespread in Christianity and certain spiritual movements. According to tradition, it represents the all-seeing eye of God. But that does not mean, as some naively believe, that God spends his time watching humans and noting all their good and bad actions so that he can reward or punish them. This eye of God is really within us, and those who are able to sense this eye watching them will progress without the risk of going astray. Whether our inner eye is open or closed depends on us. Indian yogis call it the third eye and say it is just above the nose. In the chakra system it corresponds to the ajna chakra. Our physical eyes form a triangle or, rather, a prism with the third eye. When a beam of light passes through the surfaces of a prism, it breaks up into seven colours. In the same way, when a beam of spiritual light hits our third eye, it breaks up into just as many colours, which strengthen our aura, making it sensitive to the realities of the soul and spirit.