We can use it to grow in the light

August 4th 2019
The Creator gave humans a mission: to bring the spirit down to dwell in them, so that everything in them that was lifeless would be brought to life. They have great obstacles to overcome before they achieve this, but that is their work: to awaken the powers the Creator has placed in them, so that they can fully realize their divine predestination. So, from now on, everyone knows what they have to do; they just have to be willing to do it. Lazy people will claim they are not clear what spiritual work is, but they are not being honest with themselves, that’s all. Those who truly want to work will receive the necessary teaching and advice; if they refuse it, they will suffer. Of course, those who undertake this work will suffer too – as long as we are on earth, we cannot fail to suffer – but it is not the same kind of suffering. And they accept it, because it feels as though this suffering becomes a blessing for them: they learn how to use it to grow in the light.