Sun, the

Because we strive towards it, something inside us will remain close to it

August 5th 2019
The disciples of a spiritual teaching are aware that within them there is something beautiful and great that longs only to express itself, and they seek the help of beings of light from the invisible world. Their wish flows from them as a subtle fluid, and the entities that pick this up are always ready to respond to their request. But it is one thing to have a spiritual ideal and quite another to keep it firmly in your soul. When you have succeeded in elevating your inner state, it is difficult to stay on the high ground. But you have to cling on, because it is up there that you will find pure air, light and freedom. In our universe, it is the sun that represents the summit, the spirit. In order to reach their inner summit and remain there, disciples of spiritual science must make daily efforts to hoist themselves up to the sun. Then when they come back down to face whatever events may occur, a part of them will remain up above, in the sun, inspiring all their decisions.