A formidable weapon

August 7th 2019
Everyone should be careful what they say, because speech is a terrible weapon. At the level of actions, people are limited: it is not so easy to ruin someone, to destroy their career or to get rid of or annihilate their family. And, even if these things were possible, you would risk being arrested and convicted. But humans have speech, and they can hurl words on all sides without too much risk to themselves, and their words are like lit matches starting fires – in their family, in those around them, in their place of work, in society and sometimes even in the whole world. So many break-ups and tragedies are caused by a few spoken or written words, deliberately used at a time when the user knows they will produce the most damage! And nowadays, what with the telephone, the press, radio, television and so on, there are so many possibilities for people to act with words! So, they must be more and more careful, because even if human justice closes its eyes, divine justice will judge them severely.