Is the consequence of our psychic and spiritual faculties being in agreement

August 8th 2019
Ask humans what peace is: most will reply that it is being able to live quietly, away from disturbance or stress. No, peace is the consequence of the different principles that constitute our psychic make-up being in agreement: our spirit, soul, mind, heart and will. If obtaining this agreement is so difficult, it is because everyone has particular needs they wish to satisfy. Some people’s thoughts are lucid and wise, but passionate feelings have sidled into their heart making them lose all control. Others are full of the best intentions, but their will is paralysed. Or there are those whose soul and spirit long for retreat, but the world around them is so seductive that their heart and mind get carried away. How can they feel at peace in the middle of all this conflict? Those who understand that peace is a consequence, an outcome, are the only ones who will finally come to know it and make it their reality. They understand that it is a state of consciousness, in which all functions, all psychic activities, are in perfect balance and harmony.