Pointless to run away from them; they will return later and be even greater

August 13th 2019
The lords of karma decreed what every human’s present life would be, based on how they lived their previous lives; these decrees are just. This is why, instead of complaining about the difficulties they encounter, people must tell themselves, ‘If I am facing such and such a difficulty now, it is because, in a past incarnation, I didn’t know how to, or didn’t want to, solve the problems I was faced with then, and now they have come back again.’ Those people who rebel instead of understanding that their destiny is ruled by the laws of divine justice make their situation worse, and the problems they encounter will be more and more difficult to solve, and they will feel more and more restricted. Heaven’s judges will say to them, ‘So, you didn’t want to learn your lesson even though you had the right conditions to do so? Well, now, here are the same problems. Try to start working with them; otherwise your situation will get even worse.’ Instead of running away from difficulties, you should try to really understand their meaning and do what is needed to overcome them. That is how you become free.