Divine feast, the

On what condition we are admitted

August 14th 2019
In every religion, there have always been – and still are – some members of the clergy who portray the Lord as a monarch or judge solely occupied with condemning the guilty. No, the truth is that God is always waiting in his palace for us to join his feasts. But in order to take part we must fulfil certain conditions. Imagine a king invites you to a great meal: if you turn up dirty, with unkempt hair and in rags, the guards or sentries at the gate will tell you, ‘It’s not possible for you to come in.’ ‘But I’ve been invited!’ ‘We understand, but do you realize this is the royal palace? You can’t go in looking like that.’ It is not enough to be invited; you have to arrive suitably dressed, and those who turn up in a dirty and neglected inner state will not be received at the divine feast. They are not required to be dressed like royalty all the time, but for a while at least they must put on suitable clothes, meaning that they must make the effort to harmonize with the beings of light taking part in the feast.