Temple of god, the

Which we are building within us

August 18th 2019
Every day, while you are eating, you are helping to build, support and restore your body. And if, during the meal, you concentrate on the food so as to draw out the particles of divine life contained in it, you are working to renew the substance of your body. And not only eating but also breathing, washing and sleeping can all play a part in making your body a vessel, a temple, of God. You also need to watch your thoughts, your feelings and your wishes, for these too are forms of nourishment. This temple of God that you have been building within you will remain invisible for a long time, for it is the result of long-term work. But, one day, the light emanating from your face and your whole being will show that the Lord has made his home in you. He will come to live in you with his angels, and the temple of your body will vibrate as one with the immense temple of nature.