Pentagram, the

How it corresponds to our five fingers

August 22nd 2019
Why is the pentagram considered to be one of the most powerful magical figures? Because it offers analogies with our five fingers and, therefore, connects us to the five virtues linked to them: love, wisdom, truth, fairness and kindness. Magi are traditionally depicted holding a wand, but really the wand is only an extension of their hand. Even if it is said to be magical, in itself it is nothing special, and anyone who got hold of even the greatest mage’s wand shouldn’t expect to perform extraordinary things with it. It is the hand of the person holding the wand that is powerful. Thanks to the work they have done on themselves – a work of purification, concentration and self-mastery – they have gained the power to harness energy currents from space and project them out using their hand. We still do not know everything the hand is capable of.