Spiritual teaching, a

Is not a refuge

August 25th 2019
The dangers that lie in wait for the followers of a spiritual teaching are weakness and vulnerability. Too often, because they have chosen the path of light, they tend to imagine that, as they progress, they will be protected by powerful entities and be safe from setbacks, illnesses and attacks from people wishing them harm. This makes them vulnerable, and when they have to confront difficulties they were not expecting, they do not know how to face them and collapse. From now on, every one of you must be aware that a spiritual teaching does not prepare a refuge for you where you will be safe from life’s trials, but, in giving you light and methods, it does so much more! Whatever life brings, allow this light in, practise these methods, and you will remain solid and unshakeable in the midst of difficulties. God’s grace does not fall on human beings randomly: it falls only on those who never leave the path of light and who have begun the real work.