Social climbing

And inner ascension

November 12th 2011
Although humans are capable of understanding many things relating to their material life, when it comes to their inner life, their psychic life, they are not so perceptive. Look: they endeavour to learn, to take exams and obtain diplomas that will allow them to climb the social ladder. They know that by doing so they will have greater prestige, more money and more leisure time. But why don’t they understand that the same laws exist in the psychic sphere, in the spiritual domain? Here too there is an organization, a hierarchy, and when they strive to surpass themselves and triumph over themselves they receive diplomas and badges, by which the higher spirits will recognize them and welcome them into their midst. Everything that exists in the visible world is simply a reflection, a repetition, of what takes place on high in the invisible world. So disciples, who have been instructed in the true nature of things, must make the same effort to rise in the spiritual world as others make in society, telling themselves, ‘I too want to amount to something; I too want to distinguish myself.’ And they study, they do exercises, they become stronger, they succeed in conquering their weaknesses, and all their successes are inscribed on them.