Planetary influences

How we receive them depends on our aura

August 27th 2019
Astrologers seek to determine the influences that planets exert on humans. Actually, for each one of us, the nature of these influences depends on the quality of our aura. For, one of the aura’s functions is to provide exchanges between the stars in the sky and our inner stars. I think you are surprised, aren’t you, to hear that the planets exist in us too? Since humans are a reflection of the cosmos, the planets also exist in us, and, just as they do in the universe, they revolve around our inner sun. If the same planet affects some people favourably and others unfavourably, it is simply because the ones who receive its bad influences are not ready to pick up its good ones. If there are elements in their aura that prevent a planet’s good qualities from entering them, the currents this planet sends become distorted, break up and produce harmful effects. If, on the other hand, their aura is pure and powerful, all influences, even those that could be harmful, become good.