Human spirit, the

Like the spirit of god, knows itself through matter

August 28th 2019
The spirit works constantly on matter by fertilizing it, and as new creations appear it discovers its powers and comes to know itself. So, when some people ask why God created the world, we can reply, ‘To know himself’. He created suns, planets, stones, plants, animals and humans in order to know himself. In the same way, human beings, having been created in God’s image, need to work with matter to learn who they are. Their spirit is immersed in matter – the matter of their physical body, which is a microcosm of the universe – and they seek to know themselves through it. And when will they truly know themselves? When they have worked to make this matter, which now envelops and imprisons them, become so subtle and transparent that it reflects their true image. Until then, human beings cannot know themselves – it’s as if they are at a distance from themselves, lost in the opaqueness of matter.