Sun, the

An expression of the heavenly fire

August 29th 2019
Visible fire is the expression of the invisible fire. This is why, each time you light a fire, even a simple candle, you can link to the heavenly fire through your soul and spirit. Contemplate this fire until it sets your heart, your soul and your entire being alight. You may read or hear every explanation about the descent of the Spirit into human beings, but it will be of no use to you so long as you are not trying to light a fire in your soul – the fire that will make you a living being, alive like the sun, for the sun is the visible, sentient form of the spiritual fire. And since the sun rises each morning, each morning you can reconnect through it with the heavenly fire and allow it to set you alight, until the day when you feel flames bursting from the depths of your being. It is the sun that reveals the mystery of fire to us. By linking ourselves to it with all our love and all our intelligence, we will continue to walk tirelessly towards it. To reach this fire, we have to follow the path of initiation.