Right hand, left hand

Their polarisation

September 1st 2019
Most traditions associate the right-hand side with good, and the left-hand side with evil. When it is said of someone that they follow the left-hand path, it means their behaviour is not great. But in daily life, our left hand must unite with our right hand so we may act efficiently. Our left hand and our right hand are both instruments for our activity. They work together in unison, in harmony and complement each other; each one is an aspect of the unity we represent. We cannot see one hand independently from the other, for they are polarised: our right hand is emissive and has the masculine polarity, and our left hand is receptive and has the feminine polarity. This is why they have often been related to the sun (our right hand) and the moon (our left hand), which both influence us. The masculine principle and the feminine principle project currents through both our hands and they act together to work, support, repair and save.