Is a science, but it requires us to lead a certain way of life

September 2nd 2019
Receiving a new philosophy that opens new horizons and presents an increasingly high ideal to attain, supposes you are able to harmonise yourselves with it and therefore reinforce not only your brain, but also your stomach, lungs and your whole body, to be able to withstand the tensions that will necessarily arise. You must not imagine that the currents of light and love are easy to bear. Spirituality is first of all a science you acquire by listening to a sage talk and by reading different works. But just feeding your intellect is not sufficient, and may even be detrimental. Those who decide to follow a spiritual teaching must also change their way of life. If not, after some time, they will fall prey to contradictions such that they will be in conflict not only with themselves, but also with society and those around them. Many people, after embracing spiritual life, have become intolerable for those around them. They would do best to do some soul-searching: they will see if they create harmony around them and if they are deserving of the spiritual teaching they have decided to follow.