Sun, the

Is always rising somewhere in the world

September 4th 2019
Due to the earth's rotation, the sun does not rise at the same time everywhere in the world. But that does not matter much; whether it is daytime or night-time where you are, somewhere on the earth the sun is rising on the horizon. So even during the night, through thought you can go to where the sun is rising: you therefore join those who are busy contemplating it and participate in their meditation and their prayers. And if one morning you wake up a little too late to see the sun rise where you are, it's a shame of course, but nothing stops you from going by thought towards the west where you will find the sun: in this way, you will not have lost all of dawn's blessings. And don't think human beings are the only ones who watch the sun rise. There are billions of spirits in the invisible who turn to the sun and nourish themselves with its warmth and light. Humans are the last ones to know how to receive the sun's energies. Plants surpass them in this regard.