Blessings from heaven

Be conscious of them and grateful for them

September 5th 2019
Sometimes you might unexpectedly receive a light, a blessing from heaven. Be conscious of it and stop for a long moment to let it permeate you. Most human beings don't realize that most of their suffering comes from the fact that they lack this awareness. How often do they receive an inspiration, an impulse and support from the spiritual world, but they very soon lose them simply through their neglect and lack of consideration for the value of what they received. They act as if heaven will always be there to serve them, and when they have nothing more interesting to do, they accept to stop for a few moments to listen to what it has to tell them and receive what it has to give them. Well no, heaven is not at the disposal of superficial and careless people! If they are not attentive enough to sense what heaven gives their soul and spirit, they will be given nothing more.