Cells in the human body – homes to small souls that we must bring to life

September 14th 2019
Disciples of Initiatic Science, through their thoughts, feelings and ideals, seek to bring about transformation to even the very heart of their own cells. They know that the billions of cells making up their physical body are home to small souls and that each one of them was given a specific activity. For a cell is not a simple particle of matter occupying any old place in the body. Each cell behaves like a worker who knows the work they must carry out in the part of the body where they are situated, and the smooth functioning of the whole depends on the work they do. It is hard to explain the connection linking human beings to all the souls in their body. But this connection does exist and it becomes very strong when a person realizes that, through the life they lead and through a work of thought, they can link with their cells and regenerate them. In seeking to master, purify and enrich their own psychic life, not only do they influence the physical particles in their body, but they also have an effect on their memory; and so all their bad tendencies and bad habits gradually give way to new and better behaviour.