Roof, a

Symbol of the summit we must reach within ourselves

September 15th 2019
Every house and building is covered by a roof. According to the eternal language of symbols, a roof symbolizes the world of the spirit, and everyone must seek the inspiration of the spirit to avoid giving in to disorder and confusion. When disorder breaks out around you or within you, try to climb onto your roof and remain there; that is to say, try to think and analyze, and connect with the divine world so you may find peace and light. Only then will you be able to see clearly and know the decisions to make. Whatever the physical or psychic dangers we may be exposed to, by climbing onto the roof, by projecting ourselves into the spiritual world, we have the best chance of finding the solutions for acting efficiently in matter. For matter never totally guarantees us salvation. Good material conditions are useful, but even the most favourable ones do not keep us safe forever. And it goes even further than that, because if we don't turn to the spirit to know how to put favourable material circumstances to the best use, they can turn against us.