Paradise and hell

Are first and foremost within human beings

September 19th 2019
People who are interested in Initiatic Science must study the beyond, starting with the relationship between human beings and the universe. Humans are made up of various regions, just like the universe: their physical, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies, through which they are connected to all the regions in space. According to the nature of their thoughts, feelings, desires and actions, they contact the world of light or the world of darkness. When humans die, they only leave their physical body. If during their life they tried to dominate the manifestations of their lower nature, and they purified their astral and mental bodies, thanks to the law of affinity, they will head for the higher astral and mental planes of beauty and joy, and if not, they will be drawn to the lower astral and mental planes where they will suffer. Before being regions in space where humans go after they die to either suffer or to rejoice, what Christians called hell and paradise are above all regions present within humans – these regions are part of them and they cannot escape them.