Higher self

Encouraging its expression in ourselves and in others

September 21st 2019
We must know how to discern our higher self from our lower self so as to encourage the expressions of our higher self only. We must also have the same attitude when it comes to others, and always seek to contact their divine nature to give it the possibility to reveal itself and flourish. So often, humans constantly feed the lower nature of members of their family, of their friends and those around them on the pretext of responding to their wishes and needs! They don't know that humans' lower nature is characterized by greed, self-centredness and ingratitude; and while they think they can attract love and recognition from them, in reality they set themselves up for the worst disappointments. In return for their services, all they receive is indifference, contempt and sometimes even hatred. And then they complain and say, 'After all I have done for him - or for her!' Well, instead of sacrificing themselves for others, they should have asked themselves what they were serving in them: their higher nature or their lower nature.