Pollution and epidemics

We can resist them thanks to the quality of our psychic life

September 24th 2019
We all have an entire population within us – our cells – and we are responsible for them. We can protect them, but only if we give them pure air to breathe and healthy food and drink. If not, after trying to resist, they will become weak and will no longer be able to withstand the attacks from the outside: all the forms of pollution and epidemics that threaten them. In order to provide them with food and clean air, we must also do work on our thoughts and feelings because our cells too are sensitive to the psychic atmosphere we create. This is true science, the science of life. You might say it is a strange science. Maybe, but when we will one day have instruments capable of studying humans' inner life, we will discover that nothing is more precise than the science of our inner life, the science of thought and feeling, and of their effects on our psychic and physical health.