Is not going without but moving to a higher plane

November 15th 2011
So many people reject religion and morality because they preach renunciation, sacrifice, and people have no desire to renounce anything or make any sacrifices! But why? Because they have not yet fully understood what it means to do these things or the benefits to be derived from them. Renunciation doesn’t mean doing without. To renounce is simply to move elsewhere, in other words to do on a higher level what until now you have been doing on a lower one. For example, instead of drinking water from swamps swarming with microbes, symbolically speaking, you make a habit of drinking water from a pure, crystal-clear spring. Not to drink would mean death. Anyone who says, ‘I won’t drink anymore’ will dehydrate and die. What they must give up drinking is water from the sewers, so that they can drink the waters of heaven.