Spirit of a spiritual master, the

Works through the collective body of his disciples

September 29th 2019
To be able to work on humanity, a spiritual Master needs a collective body. In this collective body, some of his disciples represent the eyes, the ears or the mouth; while others represent the brain, the heart and so on. For as long as he cannot bring this collective body to life, the Master is weak and his spirit has difficulty expressing the full extent of his wisdom, love and power. A Master's spirit first had to make an effort to incarnate in his own physical body, but it also has to incarnate in the collective body of a spiritual community in order for this community to continue to grow in the light. And of course, this spiritual body must also make an effort to help their Master's spirit manifest in it. This is why, instead of remaining focussed on the image of their Master and repeating how much they admire him, how much they love him and are privileged to have such a Master, each disciple should only be preoccupied with helping him. How? By seeking to become a pure and luminous particle in the collective body their Master is trying to bring to life in order to continue his powerful work in the world.