Serving god

In our fellow humans is not an easy task

September 30th 2019
Contrary to what is too commonly thought, putting yourselves in the service of God does not imply you must neglect your fellow humans, on the contrary. True sons and daughters of God are those who seek to serve him in their fellow humans too. And even if they only receive ungratefulness in return, they don't become discouraged. They have settled and overcome their personal, financial and social problems and are free to think further and higher. They feel they are members of the universal family and in working for it, their soul finds its food. It is true that not everyone is ready for this work. Those who dedicate themselves to the good of all people must not expect to lead a peaceful life, for they will even have to face more difficulties than anyone else. But since they are a servant of God, the beings of light that also serve the Lord come to their rescue and carry part of their load. They are not supported on the physical and material planes, but on the psychic and spiritual planes. It is there they receive the light and the strength to better withstand adversity and to continue their work.