Talismans and pentacles

The difference between them

October 3rd 2019
What is a talisman and what is a pentacle? A talisman is an object (a stone, flower, insect, ring, bracelet, and so on) that nature itself, or a psychically powerful being has infused with energy. A pentacle is a figure that has been engraved in metal or stone, painted on parchment, or even embroidered on a piece of cloth, and on which letters are also inscribed. Many pentacles bear words written in Hebrew for according to Cabbalah, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet relates to a geometric form that exists in nature, and specific forces act through each geometric form. Therefore, someone who knows how each letter relates to invisible powers can trigger cosmic currents: by writing or engraving certain forms, they establish communication with the corresponding entities in the hereafter. When an initiate seeks to understand the relationships between forces, forms and letters, and the way in which to use them, they do so in order to establish a beneficial link between the Earth and heaven, between the world below and the world above.