A favourable time to receive revelations

October 4th 2019
Many researchers acknowledge having found the solution to the problems preoccupying them in their sleep. Indeed, during sleep, the soul travels and comes into contact with other worlds. When we hear about scientific research, we tend to imagine people in laboratories, busy working on devices and filling entire pages with calculations. It is true that they handle devices and do a lot of calculations, but if we studied their case closely, we would learn that their unconscious often plays a big role in their discoveries. The perseverance and intensity of the efforts made by some researchers sometimes puts them in an almost out-of-body state; they are propelled into unknown regions they never even imagined, which is why the moment when they least expect it, the solution comes to them like a flash of lightning. And this can occur while they are sleeping – they suddenly awaken, quickly note something down, then fall back to sleep; the next day, they barely remember what happened. And if you know how to prepare yourself for sleep, you too may also receive certain revelations.