Initiatic science

The danger of approaching it without taking precautions

November 16th 2011
Why is it so dangerous to seek access to the spiritual world if you have not first purified yourself? Because in that world it is no longer a matter of intellectual knowledge: you are approaching the domain of Initiatic Science, which affects the whole human being, their most intimate drives, their soul and spirit. To work with the soul and spirit is to work with the two creative principles and therefore to come into contact with the most powerful entities and currents in the universe. And if the way is not free within us, if these currents meet impurities, they burn everything in their path. It is a terrible fire, which can produce the worst upheavals in the psychic organism and even in the physical body: unbridled sensuality, mental imbalance as well as physiological problems in the heart and brain. Those who wish to contact the regions of the soul and spirit, the regions of divine light and love, must be inspired by the highest ideal, by the sole desire to improve themselves and serve the will of God.