A communion

October 8th 2019
Spiritual exercises like prayer and meditation are a form of communion. But not everyone necessarily has the time, the conditions, or even the inclination and gifts for spiritual practice. However, each of us is obliged to eat every day. It is therefore possible to start by learning to commune during meals, by showing more consideration for our food. What is communing? To make a trade – you receive one thing and you give another. If you do not give anything, it is not true communion. True communion is a divine exchange. If in exchange for what the food gives you, you give it your attention and love, it will transform itself not only into physical energy within you, but also into psychic and spiritual energy, because you enter into relation with nature itself – the body of God. If, as you are about to start eating, you are conscious that God has put his life into the food, through you, the cells in your body will receive true communion: a spiritual element to help them in their work for the good of your whole body.