Tying and untying

The law of exchange

October 12th 2019
When you plant a seed in the ground, it immediately establishes ties, since many of the elements in the soil will nurture it. But it also establishes contact with the sky: the rain waters it, the sun sends it its light and heat, and it begins to sprout. By simply planting a seed or a pit, you call upon the Earth and sky to participate in its growth. Similar processes occur within us too. For example, when we put a seed (food) into our earth (our stomach), our sky (our brain) immediately sends currents to our stomach, setting it to work to transform this food into energy. As a result, our whole body benefits, including our brain itself. When we connect the Earth and sky, down below with up above, exchanges occur thanks to these connections. But when we break the connections, these exchanges are disrupted. To tie and untie – we find these two operations in all areas of life.