Respect for humans

It takes more than this to find the right attitude towards fellow human beings

October 14th 2019
So many abominations have been committed in the name of God’s love that more and more people are abandoning this distant Divinity who was a pretext for waging ‘holy’ wars, and they are now insisting on respect for the human person. That is all well and good. But in reality, those who have no consideration for some superior presence within each and every being cannot truly respect humans, for their lower nature will prevent them from doing so. They will only be able to respect their fellow humans once they have respect for something much greater than ‘the human person’. Humans must not place too much faith in what comes from their mind and heart, for though they certainly contain good things, they also contain greed, violence and possessiveness. That is why, even if they care for the well-being of others, if they are to maintain the right course, they must never forget the Creator. Otherwise, their thoughts and feelings will be so unenlightened that they will make others suffer and also hurt themselves.