Spirit, the

It is prevented from manifesting, not by people's body, but by their lower nature

October 16th 2019
The relationship between the spirit and the body has, from the very beginning, been one of the questions that human beings have struggled to solve. So many so-called spiritualists consider the body to be ‘the tomb of the spirit’. They must learn to reason better. If the body were such a prison, if it were so opposed to human evolution, why would Cosmic Intelligence have sent them to incarnate on Earth? They should remain pure spirits on high. Yet, in those who neglect their physical body on the pretext of devoting themselves to the noble functions of the intellect, the soul and the spirit, these very functions end up weakening and declining. In reality, the manifestation of the spirit in humans is prevented not so much by their physical body, but rather by the fluidic shell made up of the desires, lusts and conflicts of their lower nature. If it were not continually generating all sorts of miasmas and fumes, their body would become a perfect instrument for the spirit.