Must be sustained by faith and love

October 20th 2019
When humans are disappointed by events or dissatisfied with their fate, they tend to project themselves into the future. Hope is without doubt what they abandon last. But while waiting for better days, we need to find something to lean on in order to stand firm. Yet in order to stand firm, not only do we need faith, we must also maintain life inside us, and it is thanks to love that we maintain life. Otherwise, hope may be nothing but a flight from reality, and then it too will abandon us one day. But what do humans generally do? At the slightest disappointment or when faced with the slightest obstacle, they lose their love, they lose faith, and then hope leaves them too. How can they be made to understand that difficulties are only overcome by faith, hope and love? But only on condition this hope, faith and love are turned towards God. These three virtues can be compared to the three faces of a crystal prism, and the divine presence is the ray of sun that falls upon this prism and is split into seven colours.