Subtle sensations, the

To cultivate within

October 21st 2019
How many times have you had a feeling of emptiness – a feeling that something is missing? But instead of going out more, or asking yourself what new object to acquire or what prestigious situation to vie for, think rather of changing something about your perceptions. Cultivate the faculty of experiencing subtle sensations, and you will be able to spend centuries contemplating the sun, the stars, flowers, faces and so forth without ever losing interest. Today, ads in the newspaper, on the radio and on television try to convince people that if they buy everything on show, they will feel fulfilled. No, listen to the spiritual Masters instead who tell you, ‘Raise yourselves up on high through thought and prayer, and you will capture a particle, an imperceptible atom that will give you the taste for things.’ As soon as you receive it, this atom will produce such intense and subtle vibrations within you, that you will awaken to a much vaster, richer life, and you will feel fulfilled.