Time wasted

Can be retrieved in another way

November 18th 2011
How many people have come to confess to me that when they found our Teaching they realized they had spent the best part of their life in fruitless activities! And now, having reached a certain age, they felt that even if they tried to reorient their life it was too late; they could never make up for lost time. Obviously, when old age is looming, it is a little late. But it isn’t too late; it is never too late. The worst would be to spend their remaining years in regret. There is always a way to redress the situation inwardly. For those who feel they have wasted their life, this is the opportunity to take stock of themselves, of all the events in their life, and to draw a lesson from it. Once the lesson has been learned, they must put all their remaining love, intelligence and willpower to work, to give their life the meaning they had been unable to find.