Always come to pass, so simply see to their quality

October 26th 2019
Everything that you ardently wish for is immediately realized on the subtle planes. And if you persist in your desires, these realizations that as yet only exist in the unseen, will descend further and further and take shape on the physical plane. Whether for good or for evil, all desires eventually come to pass in some way. Therefore, you must only concern yourself with the nature of these desires, so that in coming true, they do not lead you to make serious mistakes. You may wish to become rich, but then imagine yourself sharing this wealth with all those in need, and not just using it for your own satisfaction. You may desire beauty, but not the type of beauty that troubles hearts: focus on spiritual beauty, beauty that inspires people and propels them towards the divine world. Whatever your wishes and your projects, endeavour to never lose sight of the moral side, otherwise, you too will suffer one day.