Heavenly visitors

Always be ready to receive them

October 27th 2019
Every day, try to prepare the best inner conditions in order to be awake, available and active when you have the opportunity to attend an important event or make a life-changing encounter: meeting a being, meeting beauty, meeting a truth. Someone who has indulged in inferior activities or states that have drained them of their energies is not ready to fully live such encounters: inwardly, it is as if they are faced with a closed door. To a certain extent, such situations can occur every day. Suppose that you are upset or in a bad mood, and then quite unexpectedly, you have to take action or receive an important guest. As a result, you are not able to present yourself with the proper expression and state of mind, and so it will not go as well as it could have, had you been well disposed. Even though you are there physically, you are unable to participate in the event with full awareness, because you have allowed your psychic energies to dissipate. You can only retain this energy if you are always careful to lead a harmonious life.