A help in healing

October 29th 2019
When you have a migraine, a pimple, indigestion, and so on, do not always try to rid yourself of it immediately by taking medicine. It may indeed be that nature has given you this ailment in order to push you to do work on the psychic plane that you have never done before and would not otherwise do. So start by praying and concentrate on light while trying to forget this problem; after a while, not only may it take leave of you, but you will have made great progress internally. Do not misunderstand me: I am not saying that prayer and thought are a cure for all ills and replace all medicine. I am only saying that instead of always choosing the easy way to get rid of the least discomfort through external means – tablets and pills – try to first draw upon a spiritual element, work with light, love, harmony and purity. Then, not only might you be able to free yourself from this slight inconvenience, your entire being will benefit, because the work that you so do not only affects a few cells somewhere in your body, but your whole physical and psychic being. And if you then take medication, remember that the efforts of thought will increase its positive effects.