True weapons

Love and light

October 31st 2019
Throughout the ages, those who have guided the people had to begin by teaching them justice. This was already progress, and that is what Moses did. When Jesus came, he said that there was something greater than justice – mercy, forgiveness. But we must not stop there either, because forgiveness alone does not solve anything. Of course we must forgive, but if someone comes to attack you, is it forbidden to be stronger than them? Be stronger than your enemy, and with a gesture, a look, a divine vibration, make them feel not so much your own superiority, but the superiority of the spirit – that is the ambition you should have. Just how long this will take is another matter. But at least work towards it, so as not to constantly be torn between the tendency to retaliate with violence and the tendency to allow yourself to be mistreated. True Christians must be armed, but armed with new weapons. If they are attacked, they must defend themselves, but using only these true weapons – love and light.